BOBBY MADDEN has taken to Instagram to confirms his Scottish Cup semi-final status and attempted to add some humour to proceedings.

The SFA whistler will take charge of Celtic’s semi-final tie against The Rangers on Easter Sunday. In announcing his role, Madden hedged his bets or poked fun at the idea of what the derby is called. Posting he’s refereeing the OLD FIRM/GLASGOW DERBY.

The Ibrox side became the source of a much hilarity at the weekend when they went ridiculously overboard using a word that attaches them with Celtic – Old Firm. It was on the banners, all around the stadium, cardboard archway with the words ‘old firm’ at the top of it as the players walked out and they were giving out ‘Old firm’ flags to their own fans. It was tinpot stuff and rightly ridiculed at the time.

Celtic don’t use the word ‘old firm’ officially or in a commercial sense. The club renewed their claim to the trademark of the name so The Rangers couldn’t use it commercially and make money off it without Celtic’s say so.

Madden feeding into the debate by posting both names. We know Sky Sports love the name and will always use it to promote this derby.

For Celtic fans, anything that tethers to the two clubs together should be avoided.

Here’s Madden’s full post.

So it’s Madden’s 9th Glasgow Derby and he refereed the behind closed door match last season at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup.

Celtic have been through a transformation since then and the game should be a cracker when it comes along.

Let’s hope he’s up to the task.


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