SPEAKING to Open Goal, Jackie McNamara lifted the lid on a tumultuous tie with Barcelona which seen Rab Douglas take the hit for something big Bobo did.

Speaking to Simon Ferry, Jackie told how Thiago Motta had burst Bobo Balde’s lip on the field and knew the defender would be out for revenge on the Barcelona star.

Bobo was a no nonsense defender back in the day and regularly mixed it up with opposition players.

“If someone had cut Bobo’s lip, it’s oh no, he would just turn round and whack someone in the tunnel.

“I think it was Motta. So Bobo is bleeding, just before half-time.

“So he came off and, bang he’s cracked Motta. Big Rab stepped in and took him aside. He’s trying to stop the situation, big Rab.”

Jackie then spoke about being called into the referee’s room as Celtic captain to be told number 20 was sent off along with Barca number four. Rab, who had tried to defuse the situation was sent off and Bobo played on.

Celtic won the game that night and this famous incident gave way to a young David Marshall coming on at half time, then playing the Camp Nou where Marshall’s heroics saw O’Neill side dump Barcelona out of the UEFA Cup.

You can watch Simon Ferry’s full interview with the former Celtic captain tonight at 5pm on their social media channel.




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