We’re about to find out the answer to a not so age-old football question…Can you do it on a cold Thursday night in the North of Norway?!

That’s the task ahead for Celtic as they look to overturn a 3-1 home defeat to progress in the UEFA Conference League.

The home side posted a training video of the players today ahead of the game on Thursday and it’s going to be a cold one!

The weather will be around -3 in Norway when the game kicks off in the early evening on Thursday.

Celtic players will be used to the cold by now but this will be a sharp test for the team. Chasing a win while playing on a synthetic pitch while the elements are less than ideal.

It’s going to take a big performance on the night if the Hoops are at least to give the home side a scare. Bodo will be used to both the pitch and the very cold conditions – it’s up to Celtic to block that out and go for the result.


  1. No, but nothing will be lost if you don’t even try. Up against it I think, playing Bobo Gimp on their own rubber band park, they play most of their home and away league games on similar surfaces. Celtic have played on two and train on one. Go fish.


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