BOLI BOLINGOLI is still adjusting to life in Glasgow so maybe he is unaware when you go into town you’re charged for just about anything!

The player was snapped in conversation with a traffic warden after running from a shop when he saw he was about to get a fine.

According to SunSport, the player was in conversation with the traffic warden for a bit before the Celtic player put money in the parking meter and the warden left without giving him a fine. Is this further proof Celtic run Glasgow City Council?

For anyone unaware, you’re charged to park from 8am to 6pm every single day in Glasgow City centre and the wardens are likely not going to be as forgiving towards you!

Boli is set to fly out with the Celtic team on Wednesday ahead of the game against Rennes on Thursday. The defender has been growing into his role at Celtic with fans building a rapport with the player early on.


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