BOLI BOLINGOLI was offering a great deal on deadline day if you happened to stumble across this ad on Gumtree.

The Celtic player who is currently in Turkey on-loan put his couch up for sale on the market website and even left his number on it for people to contact him.

He was also selling a bed into the bargain too!

An ad for a sofa appeared on the selling site

So if anyone wants to sit on the couch Bolingoli occupied for 14 days while he was isolating, you can pick it up for £1500.

Boli’s Celtic career came to a screeching halt this season when he decided to put Celtic’s season at risk by catching a flight to Spain, breaking strict COVID rules.

The defender selling his items seems to suggest he doesn’t see himself returning to Glasgow after his loan deal has ended.

The funny thing is, the player will get Champions League football this season with Istanbul Basaksehir who qualified for the competition.


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