Boli Bolingoli has been served with a five match ban, after breaking protocol and travelling to Spain, before failing to quarantine for 14 days on his return

Two of those games will be suspended pending any other potential future charges, until February 28th 2021

Bolingoli almost caused the whole of Scottish Football to shutdown, so he can probably count himself lucky that he only received a three match ban for his actions

The Hoops were also forced to postpone, two fixtures against St Mirren and Aberdeen after the government forced their hand.

It is unlikely that the Belgian left-back will play for the club again, after breaking the complete trust of manager Neil Lennon, who warned the players NOT to travel outside Glasgow

As well as Boli receiving his punishment, former Celtic team-mate and current Aberdeen player, Jonny Hayes, along with his seven of his Don’s team-mates were given a three match suspended ban

All clubs will now need to be extremely careful of breaking government protocols, as another mistake could once again cause the shutdown of Scottish Football


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