Boli Bolingoli has shown no signs of remorse for putting Celtic in a very tough spot this season by breaking strict Covid rules.

As the player exited the clubs on loan, there was no message to the support, no acknowledgment he should have done better; instead we got a post about things sent to challenge him and how he must overcome.

It’s peak social media.

The player decided to do what he wanted and disregard the club and 50k+ supporters who have backed the team with full price season tickets in these very uncertain and financially challenging times. It’s unforgivable considering what’s at stake and it’s laughable he’s talking about overcoming adversity, when he himself caused this with his own selfish actions.

A couple of players replied to Boli’s comments, including Odsonne Edouard but I’m glad to see a lot of the players have decided to ignore the message.


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