After doing some digging, it appears Bolingoli’s jaunt to Spain was a two-day trip, which makes it even all the more stupid.

The players were given two days off after the Hamilton win at the start of August, it would appear, Boli has hot-footed it to Spain shortly after leaving Celtic Park and returned on Tuesday night to be available for training on Wednesday morning.

This was backed up by 90MinuteCynic man and Athletic journalist, Kieran Devlin backed this up after some suggested the players were given four days off before the Killie draw.

Spain was briefly on the list of places you could visit during this crisis but was quickly and publicly taken off the safe to fly to areas by the government. It means, anyone, leaving the country to travel to Spain must self-isolate for two weeks upon their return.

Boli didn’t tell the club what he was doing and it’s only come to light in the past 24 hours that he walked into training having been to the high-risk country – putting his teammates at risk. The player has since tested negative for the virus but it’s hardly the point.

It’s a serious