PADDY POWER seems to have an overriding need to upset the Ibrox faithful on a daily basis and today is no different.

With the news that a novice under 18’s manager was taking over from a novice under 18s manager at Ibrox; the Irish bookmaker threw in a timely little dig at the new club playing out of Ibrox.

Of course, while this is a joke it’s also a fact.

The liquidation denial underneath the post are hilarious.

We wish the six-year-old club all the best in their next chapter of the banter years.



  1. Aaaawww the Sevco are coming lolololol and they have Stevie G for back up hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol hahahahaha lolololololol…FGS my sides are killing Meeee..10 In A Row was signed sealed Delivered Today at the Sevco Presser….Yeee fcking Haaaaa..HH

  2. Typical SMSM…nobody had the balls to put the South African based convicted criminal King on the spot re finance.
    It was all about getting the gullibillies to part with their ST money.
    The mugs swallowed this latest con….. and SG?
    He apparently loves the old club’s history and (anti-catholic) traditions….he’ll be out of a job by Christmas the paddy!
    Hail Hail.


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