A high street chain released a very interesting t-shirt that has gone down a treat with some on our twitter timeline.

The T-shirt in question reads ‘Stolen Souls – Play Till the Death – The Team of lost souls – Underworld Champions’. Pretty innocent if you ask me, the plot thickens however with the image on the t-shirt which is a squad full of olden day players with skulls for heads.

Still pretty innocent, right?

What if we said the edited picture of the team of lost souls and under world champions was that of our old rivals Rangers 1873 founding fathers….



@rossco_bear wrote:  An absolutely disgraceful t-shirt that Burtons are selling at the moment

@Ruth_Less_Lady  was not impressed: Phoned Burtons complaint logged and is being dealt with I’ve asked for the shirt to be removed and an apology to be made

Personally we love the design, but it hasn’t gone down well with a certain section of people who are convinced that this may be a t-shirt that was designed by the European Commission, signed off by the Vatican and endorsed by Craig Whyte.

The t-shirt is now currently out of stock, believe it or not.

Wonder who is buying them…


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