CHRIS SUTTON has made it clear the most peculiar decision in BT Sports SPFL team of the week was NOTHING to do with him and laid the blame at presenter Darrell Curries door.

The pair have been collaborating on who makes it into the TOTW after each round of fixtures.

Mostly they have been spot on BUT this one we have to take exception with and side with Sutty!

Darrell included Ibrox star Gareth McAuley in the team ahead of Dedryck Boyata who Sutton was pushing for the centre back position.

In the end, Sutton lost the battler and they went with McAuley, under protest!

When the former Celtic striker made it clear he didn’t want any part of fan backlash to the decision he made sure Darrell got the blame.

The BT presenter hit back at Sutton with what he branded ‘ Sutton’s original team’.

All a bit of banter, not that it matters much but Darrell, what were you thinking?!



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