DEDRYK BOYATA has taken the astonishing step of using the media back home to speak out against his current Celtic situation.

The Belgian defender was left home this week while the team headed to Greece for their Champions League qualifier.

Brendan Rodgers said the player was not there because he isn’t fully committed and the Celtic manager also blasted the antics of Boyata’s agent – who turned up to the training ground unannounced and demanded to speak to the club.

However, the Belgian has bitten and told the press he 100% backs his agent.

Speaking to Dh.Be, the defender was defiant:

“Personally, I’m not going to react too much to what my agent has been able to say in the press, I have been working with him for years, I have 100% confidence in him.” In relation to his statements, he has his reasons But, I repeat, I trust him. “

“What’s going on is that I’m in a special position, and when I hear that I’ve refused to play since I came back from vacation, it’s wrong. refused to play Since my return, I ran a lot on the sidelines of the group to work physically. I went to the physio every day.This morning (Monday I was still with a physio and the others injured at the club.I do not know where these rumors come out.I did not refuse to play.


  1. “I do not know where these rumors come out.I did not refuse to play.” Well your either a fucking liar like your agent or a fucking idiot simple as that if you dont know what the person representing is stating to the press.
    He should NEVER be given the chance to wear the hoops again his conduct is disgusting!!
    PS hes not really that good either

  2. Wee wanted Rid of him For the last two Years, the boys not progressed any, dont see what the Drama is all about, Let the boy try Elswhere.

  3. Who does Boyata think he is if he goes to a better class league he will be found out as he’s a shit player lazy and the mistakes he makes are schoolboys errors but he is consistently making them if we had a couple of decent defenders he wouldn’t have even got in the team a sore back ? My arse he just doesn’t want to take the chance of getting injured he’s a dumpling and I’m glad he’s going as he is a liability no matter what team he plays in


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