It truly is a crying shame that Sky Sports will take over from BT Sports next season, it actually causes dread. To make it worse Kris Boyd and Kris Commons are the best the TV corporation could come up with to represent the Scottish game.

Both so-called pundits have proven time and time again they are more interested in causing drama than focusing on facts or using their experience as footballers.

Last season Boyd pretended he had sources in the Celtic dressing room and that the dressing room was split. Celtic went on to win a never done before treble treble.

Last weekend the big mouth said there were no great players in Scotland. Like he was once a great player. This caused Neil Lennon to use up some of his press time and call out Boyd for what he is, an idiot. Boyd has now come-back via The Scottish Sun with the line that Lennon misunderstood what his point was.

“While I’m at it, have Rangers found a time machine from somewhere and got Brian Laudrup and Paul Gascoigne back to Ibrox? Because if all this hasn’t happened then I’m not sure what Neil Lennon was talking about with his reaction to my comments on the TV.”

“I said there are no truly great players in Scotland right now and, to be perfectly clear, I wasn’t talking about Van Dijk, Larsson or anyone else who USED to play in this country. But Lennon came out with the line that managers always use when he said be doesn’t pay attention to pundits! When quite clearly he does.”

Then he turns on McGregor.

“And if he thinks Callum McGregor is good enough to play at the highest level for the likes of Barcelona or Manchester City then fair play to him.”



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