Spare a thought for the men and women in the ticket office today because it looks like Celtic Fans are FINALLY going to find out if the club will take their Ibrox allocation and if they do – they’re going to inundated with queries as well as disgruntled supporters.

Normally Celtic get 8,000 for the Ibrox fixture but the Govan club took the huff with Celtic fans after the sight of the party celebrations twice a season was too much for them.

They reduced Celtic’s allocation to the minimum allowed and will give 800 briefs over but ONLY if Celtic want them.

At last months AGM, Peter Lawwell raised safety issues and told fans they were going to deeply consider their position with the Celtic fans safety in mind.

When asked when the decision would come, Celtic FC Fan Liason Officer, John Paul has told fans it will be ‘very soon’

If Celtic don’t take their allocation under safety grounds there will be an uproar from some fans. If they do take the allocation then they will have to disappoint a lot of fans who go to all the away games on a regular basis.

It’s a no win situation.



  1. I predict that when we go to ibrokes, an the 29th of December, as soon as we score, (and mark my words we will) there will be a “break in” from the shame and scum of Scotland, right in thierr own back yard, that they will be so very hard for the “scum” to watch!! But we will win and will win hansomely!! Go on Celts, beat this job, and show the world the scum they are!..Hail,Hail


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