It’s been confirmed today the clean up operation after deplorable Ibrox fans trashed the city centre cost £60k to the taxpayer and the bill will rise further in the coming weeks.

The scenes in Glasgow City centre earlier this month were nothing short of a disgrace. Since then, we’ve seen posturing and even the same fan base playing the victim. I’d suggest the only victims in their support are the ones who were blindsided by their fellow bears in cowardly, drunken attacks.

We’ve also seen a false equivalency to try and bring Celtic fans into the argument.

Simply put, Celtic are just off nine titles in a row and four trebles on the spin and not once have the riot cops had to come in to tackle violent and unsocial behaviour. This is a problem for one club and one club only.

A spokesperson for the council said the following:

Glasgow City Council has confirmed clean-up & repair costs for George Square following Rangers’ title celebrations on May 15 currently stand at £58,000, & will rise further.

A huge amount of rubbish was lifted, glass from 1000s of broken bottles removed & graffiti cleaned away.

100s of plants were also destroyed, scaffolding & traffic lights damaged, benches & security fences broken beyond repair & lighting for Sir Walter Scott column smashed up.

Statues of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert require significant repair – the Queen Victoria statue has failed a topple test, meaning it is moving on the plinth & has been fenced off for safety reasons.

It’s thought their restoration will run into a five figure sum apiece.

The spokesperson rightly condemned the fan base in attendance “Those responsible for trashing George Square have dumped a massive bill on Glasgow & then simply walked away.

“The complete lack of regard & respect they showed for Glasgow’s main civic space on is a source of deep dismay and disappointment.”

It’s not lost on us that less than a year ago we had the same demographic of people protecting these statues or outraged by the thought of left wing protesters doing damage to them.

Imbeciles. But, they are enabled by the people who continue to play whataboutery.


  1. However as usual our club will once again be dragged into the gutter alongside these Neanderthals! Nine titles in a row, 4 quadruples and not once did police have to intervene or break up thuggish behaviour. 80,000 supporters went over to Seville and not one arrest was made. 15,000 thugs descend on George Square and it’s a war zone – even laying into one another. And no-one at this club takes responsibility – in fact both management and players encouraged it by their own actions! Why should I, as a tax payer, be expected to help pay for this – that’s not why I pay Council Tax. This bill should be passed to theRangers FC with a note simply saying – your supporters, your bill. If you behaved like that in a restaurant you can be sure the management would hold you responsible for this destruction of property; they wouldn’t expect other patrons to chip in and pay for the damage.

  2. I don’t see why we the tax payers should be paying for the damage, the club was billed for the last destruction they should be made to pay. Everyone had known this was going to happen it was on all the rangers forums right after the first time so everyone new it was going to happen. I don’t believe for a minute that the police didn’t know when they warned all staff to stay away from George Square that day


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