Former Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers is not flavour of the month. In fact, anytime we write about him plenty of people give us abuse for doing so. Some would rather forget him altogether and there are others who will still read and listen to some of the stuff he has to say regarding Celtic.

With that being said, the Irishman was asked by Leicester Live if he would be watching the game on Sunday – a match where he was supposed to be the manager for just over a month ago.

Rodgers says he will be watching the Derby from his base in Leicester and is looking forward to watching the fixture where he enjoyed so much success.

“Yeah, I’ll watch the game. They are always great occasions.

“Obviously this game, being at home, the dynamic of the game has changed because of the away support.

“But they really are extra special occasions. I was involved in 13 of them, so I understand them well. It should be a great game and I am hoping that my old team can continue with their good work.”

“The atmosphere at Celtic Park is amazing and, of course, when it gets to that game it’s even more special.”

After bigging Celtic up and telling everyone how great an atmosphere it is, the self-proclaimed ‘Celtic Fan’ let the veil slip with his last comment on the subject.

See if you can spot it.

“Hopefully, they can go and perform well, and get the result they want.”

He refers to Celtic as ‘they’. Insignificant? Yes, but what we’ve noticed after watching every single one of Brendan Rodgers press conferences since he took over at Celtic, the manager is very methodical in what he says.

You see players and managers come over the years and leave as genuine fans when it’s their time to depart. We personally interviewed Ronny Deila who referred to Celtic as ‘we’ several times in the interview.

Rodgers defaulted to ‘they’ in a rare slip. Not that it matters! We’re just pointing out to anyone who was unsure about the legitimacy of Rodgers’ Celtic fandom.


  1. Geez peace ffs,I’m as pissed about him as any other supporter but come on.
    Would you no have slagged him off as well if he had said “we” because of the way he deserted us.
    A bit of a catch 22 situation for the snake but this reads like something a Hun would write on Follow Follow.
    Poor thread in my humble opinion but no doubt I’ll get slaughtered for this post.HH

  2. Yes definitely, oot article from mischief making writer , he can’t win whatever he says , we, they , it’d over and done with now , get over it for gods sake , and grow up

  3. Well said IB, GB and Charlie. Damned if he says ‘we’ and damned if he says ‘they’.
    I thoroughly enjoyed his time with us, some of the best Celtic supporting days of my lifetime. Time for the author of the article to move on, I feel.


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