BRENDAN RODGERS seemed to be in diplomatic mode as the media tried to get a good sound bite out of the Celtic manager about the semi-final chaos.

The two sem-final games will be played on the same day at the same stadium after the SPFL decided against moving one of the ties to one of many grounds nearby.

The Irishman conceded that the SPFL must have had the foresight to plan ahead for such a scenario and the organisations who oversee things must be happy enough with the decision so all Celtic can do is turn up and play.

“I assume this has been anticipated (semi-final scheduling) From the outside it looks a major challenge but we accept it and get on with the game.”

“Between the organisation and the police etc they must feel this is the best solution.”

However, the Celtic manager did say with the amount of action the pitch will see in one day it’s likely to benefit his opponents.

Celtic like to play the ball on the floor and build their attacks from the back – the more torn up the pitch the more it suits Hearts and the Celtic manager did point this out when asked if he was happy with that side of things.

“It’s good for Hearts (potential pitch damage)”

Celtic take on Aberdeen tomorrow in the League with the bhoys looking to get three points on the board after a dismal outing last week against Kilmarnock at Rugby Park.



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