STEVEN CAULKER has admitted he regretted not signing for Celtic in 2017 when he has the chance.

The capped England player revealed he had the option to join either Celtic or QPR, he chose the latter. The reason for this was to help aid his alcohol addiction which he was recovering from, staying in London suited him and his health better than moving to a new city – completely understandable.

But within months, he was watching QPR from the stands and later had his contract terminated.

After this, he regretted snubbing Celtic. Speaking to the Scotsman, Steven rubbished claims that he and Brendan Rodgers had an agreement that Celtic would buy him from the Tayside club with a short answer;

“Never, no,”

There was a quite sustained rumour Caulker was getting up to speed with Scottish football before making the move to Celtic.

Opening up on his chase to move to the Bhoys;

“The summer before it, 2017, I had an opportunity to go to Celtic which I turned down because I felt London and QPR were better for my recovery.

“A few months after that I was then out of the squad at QPR and we mutually terminated my contract. At that point, of course, I thought I should have gone to Celtic.”

He was then picked up by Dundee and impressed. He was that good Dundee rejected what was described as an ‘unbelievable’ £1.8 million bid for the defender.

Now aged 29, he is on loan to Gaziantep from Fernebache after joining the side this summer.


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