BRENDAN RODGERS has told Celtic fans not to get too attached to Oliver Burke because there’s little to no chance he’ll be at Celtic beyond this season.

The attacking midfielder has already started more games for Celtic than he has for West Brom in his short spell with the club and has impressed greatly.

Some fans have called for the club to try and bring the player in on a permanent deal, but when asked if that was out of the question Brendan Rodgers reply was clear.

“I think so. It would be great for Celtic but the reality is that the improvements he will make here over the course of the next six months will probably excite West Brom.” Rodgers told RecordSport.

“And then if they get promoted then probably his wages change anyway. He helps us for now, we help them.

“You are getting in a big talent, but the likelihood is that type of player fits around the core of the boys that are here. It may well be too much but all you can do is improve and develop him and see what happens.”

Burke has played as a striker for Celtic since coming in and has acquitted himself very well. The Scottish international is showing why Leipzig and West Brom both paid big money for the player so early on in his career.

The reality is, West Brom bought him for £14million – there’s no chance Oli goes for anything below that and that’s out of Celtic’s range.


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