BRENDAN RODGERS laughed off any notion that there is more to Leigh Griffiths not being around the squad other than illness.

During his pre-match press conference for the League Cup Semi-Final, the Irishman was asked about the striker’s whereabouts and if he had been keeping in touch with the club.

Rodgers was clear that Griffiths was still suffering from an illness and wanted to keep him away from the rest of the squad as to not bring anyone else down with what he has.

Speaking about his striker, he told the media the head physio has been checking in with the striker daily.

“He has been connecting every day with our head physiotherapist Tim and he probably gets about 20 messages a day off him, so there’s no chance you’re not connecting with Leigh.

“We just want him fit and back into the squad again.

“That’s just the way it is sometimes with social media.

“There’s always a bit of tittle-tattle which runs and takes its own life.

“He’s very much in contact with the club.”

We have no idea where that question has come from to be honest. There has been absolutely no sign of anything other going on than Leigh has been injured and then fell ill.

Mischief making as usual.


  1. The hasbeens and the media never stop there foul mouth crap about us,trying everything to put us off lets show them all we are bigger and better than any of them,lets do this Celtic Lets do it..


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