BRENDAN RODGERS seemed a bit irked tonight when he was asked by the TV interviewer if he would look to change things and be more pragmatic going forward.

The Irishman’s response was clear, he played five at the back – ‘Do you want me to play seven?’ he asked.

While Celtic had five at the back they tried to attack and press PSG whenever possible, a lot of individual errors around the park made the game impossible at times.

A heavy defeat is always going to be sore but when you’re dealing with a team who hadn’t conceded in the Champions League until tonight, who are odds on to win the whole thing, perspective is needed.

Yes, Celtic must always look at themselves and how their mistakes made the game so one-sided in the end.




  1. Why do we have to have a f**king fud asking stupid questions of our manager. Come on BT cant you get a former player to interview managers after a game who might ask relevent questions instead of a cluesless numpty of an interviewer.

  2. Michael Owen was shut up inside the first minute. That was a good job. Maybe next time he’ll think before he opens his mouth or can he ?

  3. It will be interesting to watch PSG in the last sixteen against the other teams that will qualify.

    I can’t see any English, German or Spanish team holding a candle to them, their style of play is of the highest standard and their finishing is just clinical.

    I can see a new name for the engraver on that CL trophy next May.

  4. Doesnt matter about the PSG game,fgs look at the difference financially.If we had half that kinda dough,We,d be in it or there abouts Every season.Im more Interested in smashing our 9 In A Row.And ramming GoinFor55 Down the Zombies Throats.Owen is a Bellend…..Its the Corrupt SFA and there Bias for one particular Club thats needing Rectified…CL money is just a great wee earner for Our Club…


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