Chris Sutton has not held back in his pre-match comments when the subject of Brendan Rodgers came up. Viewers had just watched Chris Sutton interview Neil Lennon where he fired all kinds of uncomfortable questions at the interim boss.

Right after the interview, the question about Lennon getting the job on a permanent basis came up with the Premiere Sports panel. Sutton was pro-Lennon for the Celtic job and full of admiration for what the Lurgan man has done since his appointment. Chris Sutton stated,

“Neil Lennon has a better win record than Brendan. Brendan Rodgers is a Judas, he turned his back on Celtic”

Rodgers found an unlikely ally in one Alastair McCoist, who seemed truly aggravated by Sutton’s comments. Both pundits trashed out their views but Sutton had no interest in backing down, despite Rodgers success as Celtic manager.


  1. Chris Sutton is just a serial ‘controversialist’ and doesn’t appear to be concerned that he has made himself seem ridiculous with a stream of contradictory statements concerning Brendan Rodgers. I fully understand why Celtic fans and ex-players are upset at Rodgers’s departure – after the good service and all the trophies he secured for the club. But moving on to an English Premier League club to test himself against some of the best coaches (and players) in the world (rather than leading a team against eleven rusty dustbins every week – I know, I’m exaggerating for emphasis) does not make him a “Judas”. Perhaps he would deserve such a description if he had moved to Rangers…Sutton was only complaining the other week that Rodgers had left Celtic in a mess – well, if that really were the case, why is he so upset about his departure? He sounds like a mardy jilted lover and should pull himself together and get over it…


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