CELTIC are in a fantastic position when it comes to naturally talented players. However, our two most naturally skilful players are only here on-loan.

Roberts is due back in Manchester at the end of May and Musonda we have 18-months to enjoy everything he has to offer.

There is one player at Celtic who has caused a lot of buzz without even kicking a ball for the first team. A player that is a full time Celt and by Rodgers own admission is ready for first team football, physically but not mentally; 15-year-old Karamoko Dembele.

Thursday Flagship Podcast w/ Gianni Capaldi

Speaking yesterday to the Daily Mail – Brendan Rodgers question Levein’s logic in fielding such a young player in Harry Cochrane in such a high pressure game. Drawing from his own experience and the talent he has in Karamoko, the Irishman knows he could play the young lad right now but his development longterm is more important.

From a talent perspective I could probably put Karamoko Dembele in to the first team right now but he’s coming up to 15,” Admitted Rodgers.

“I have to think about where he is at in terms of his maturation level. Not just his talent level.

The player could be phased into first team football in the next 2-3 years, all going well.


  1. The wee man be playing in the “10”!Season going be star!just wish we were leaving this orc set up straight after THE 10!!Hail Hail in Brendan we trust

  2. Our players get put through the proper course of planning.Levein puts a 16 yr old in the Mini Sevvies 1st team,Didnt utter a greeting faced word when they put 4 past us,We gubbed them 3-1 and Leveins thrown the Dummy and all his Cot Covers (And Mattress)Right oot,What an absolute Bell End of a Man.As bad as Real Sevcoloaner greeting and spouting our players were Goading them when all Our Bhoys did was celebrate scoring…What Planet are these GulliBillies from,They Are Forever taking the hump about one thing or another.To be honest!!!Im surprised Levein didnt play with 10 Outfield Defenders.Ye know,His set up against the Cheq Republic.Absolutely Embarrassed the Whole Country Then,The Jambo fans are just as twisted as that Clown.As for the Other Club(s) with Ra Peepul,Waste of time,Wasting words on those Vile Bigotted DelooDeid Muppets..HfH….This Is How It Feels To Be Celtic,On the Road to 10 In A Row.


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