BRENDAN RODGERS will not be popular in Leicester this morning after the Irishman made the statement Celtic are a bigger club than the team he is currently managing.

Some fans are sick of hearing Rodgers talk about Celtic and we always get people on social media giving us grief for talking about him. However, he is still as pertinent as any other ex-Celt, especially when you take into account the success he had.

Speaking to the Gaffer Tapes Podcast, Rodgers again explained his exit. At this point we have heard it but adding in he believes Celtic are a bigger club than Leicester is interesting:

“It wasn’t just a get up and go. It probably seemed that because of the situation but the club was in a really good situation.

“We had won seven trophies in a row, we’d created a professional mindset within the squad and within the culture.

“The team were able to go and win the league by nine points and go on and win the next two cup competitions and achieve the Treble treble.

“I was then given the opportunity to come to Leicester, which isn’t as big a club as Celtic of course but the challenge and professional challenge of taking a club into the top six was going to be a huge challenge for us.

“And that is something at every club I have gone into I have always wanted.”

Rodgers is absolutely correct in what he’s saying but the money down south lends itself to more opportunities. Supporters equate their TV revenue with the size of their club, many fall down dramatically in income if that was taken away.

If Leicester were working under the constraints Celtic find themselves with in Scotland, they would not make as much revenue as the bhoys continue to do through various channels. The history of Celtic is much more rich than Leicester also, not to put the club down – but you do get many EPL supporters taking the huff when you point this out.


  1. The problem with Brendan is ,he left. Our club when we were in. A campaign going for a record , what he did was out of order, greed was his out,and it would happen. Again as that is his type Celtic also gave him the chance to get him back into work if Celtic was the problem he should. Have called lawwell out if not it is he who is the ratbag


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