BRENDAN RODGERS has claimed he had family who were distraught the day he left Celtic to become the Leicester manager and even said some of them haven’t spoken to him since that day.

The Irishman had unprecedented success with the club but in the midst of a season, he decided to call it quits leaving the Celtic support stunned.

Since then, some have forgiven his sharp exit and others haven’t.

The man himself has said some of his family members were so distraught by him leaving the club it meant their relationship became frayed.

Celtic won their third treble in a row with Brendan laying the groundwork and Neil Lennon picking up the dropped torch.

The club success since Brendan leaving has made it easier to forgive him in some supporters eyes.

However, joking during the podcast about going for a third and fourth treble like it was ridiculous won’t do him any favours.

Ultimately, the Irishman did a great job for the club and it’s personal preference how supporters want to remember him.


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