BRENDAN RODGERS has quashed any rumours about Celtic’s first refusal fee on Osdonne Edouard with reports saying Celtic would have to pay a cool £7million to keep the Frenchman permanently which would break Celtic’s record transfer fee.Brendan Rodgers On Breaking Celtic’s Record Transfer Free to Land Striker

When asked about the figure, Rodgers responded: “No – it’s not that. I’m not telling you what it is, but it’s not that.

“I’ve said from day dot that I see the player every day and he’s one of the most gifted players I’ve worked with.

“Because his representatives aren’t running about throwing him to every club under the sun it doesn’t mean he’s not a top player.

“There’s no propaganda around him, but he’s a top talent.

“He’s settled in well and if we have any chance to do something at the end of the season then we can look at that.”

Edouard has been fairly hit and miss when he’s got some games for the team, from scoring the winner at Ibrox to having quiet games against some other SPFL sides.

He’s a young player and one Brendan Rodgers really wants to keep. If the Frenchman’s desire to develop here is strong then we don’t see why this deal won’t happen.


  1. This is a signing that I really would like to see.
    I saw from his first touches in his first game for the Hoops that he was a perfect fit.
    This is my opinion and I expect some to disagree.
    However, as my son keeps pointing out to me, after Henryk’s first few touches, I saw that he was the real deal, despite his pass to Chic Charnley. Others were saying he was a waste of money.
    I know what I like to watch in a Celtic jersey and young Odsonne fits the bill.
    I hope Brendan gets him on board.


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