When Brendan Rodgers speaks, people listen and what he said today in his press conference will leave little in any doubt on his feelings of Wednesday past.

The Invincible Gaffer is always full of praise for the Celtic support but when asked about last weeks banners by the GB he was unequivocal in his response.

“The club have worked tirelessly over the years, the first club in Britain to put in a (safe) standing section and 99.9 per cent of the time they along with the rest of the fans give us this incredible support but the political element is not acceptable.

“There are forums, platform for that outside of football. Take that somewhere else. It is not for inside Celtic Park. It is not what the values are, the ethos is and it is certainly not what I’m about as a manager.

“I have huge admiration for the support they give but my honest feelings is that I’m not with it, I am very much aligned with the thinking of the board and the people that run the club, the people that have to pay the fines. That is my answer to it.”

We’re in a peculiar position where a lot of the people who were worshipping the ground the manager walked on are lashing out because he does not share their opinion. Whether you agree with the manager or not, he’s earned the right to have his opinion and have it respected.

We’ve asked our twitter followers if they agree with the boss.

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  1. He’s correct .. I grew up listening to the rebels because of my dad and there is nothing i like better than coming in from the football ..sticking the rebs on and having a drink . I used to go to the barras to watch the wolfetones and Gary og but that my personal preference

    I’m not offending anyone or causing the club I love to get fined the green brigade should be doing the same .. there are plenty songs and banners they can show while winding up rangers it’s not going to give UEFA the opportunity to fine us or in future ban us or cause Celtic to play in front of no fans cause that will be next

  2. Agreed. We will make no headway with UEFA and will simply be repeatedly punished. We should make our political points in places where we may make some progress with them.

  3. I have to ask the question of whoever was responsible for the banner with Brendan in place of the sniper, was it really worth it? Did you get your point (whatever that was) fully across?

    Please come back to Celtic Park and give the team the backing we all know you can. The ground would have been a morgue during some of those Lenny years and the Deila years without the singing and the CELTIC banners. This Mexican stand-off is helping no-one and ultimately the GB will be no more which would be a tragedy. Whoever was responsible the other night knew exactly what they were doing and what the consequences would be. Keep it to Celtic stuff and we can all get behind the BR juggernaut that is on it’s way to even bigger and better things.

    As for smoke bombs and flares there is no defence for that idiocy whatsoever. Anyone who continually brings them to a football game despite repeated warning deserves a lifetime ban.

    Let’s not distract Brendan in his quest to mould a side that could be the 2nd greatest Celtic side ever seen at Paradise.

      • Cheers Kev. It pains me that the support is being divided on this issue when we should be looking forward to this season and following on from last season’s record-breaking heroics. Did I hear someone mention we have a vital game to play tomorrow night?

  4. Brendan’s 100 percent right, there’s a time and place for everything, the green brigade have been brilliant for the atmosphere at the Park, but please keep the political banners out of it, eventually EUFA are going to impose much greater sanctions than fines, like playing games behind closed doors or even the ultimate, kicking us out of the tournament, nightmare scenario.

  5. I would like to put some balance to the GB debate and I’m very much a Republican from Ireland but let me state without hesitation that the banner of the IRA Volunteer in full military uniform was nothing short of stupidity. It was highly political, intimidatory, offensive and was always going to cause a big problem especially against that breed of team. Now the “Brendan At Work” banner should not be seen as offensive. It was a humorous banner that actually took the politics out and replaced it with Brendan. Holding his hands aloft was hardly offensive and Brendan does quite often refer to “his work” and “our work” and the “work of the team” and to be quite frank i’m loving every minute of Brendans at work right now.
    So lets everybody just take a step back from the brink here, because lets all face it, Celtic need the GB just as much as the GB need Celtic. Would we have drawn against Rosenborg if the GB were there? I know i’d rather they were there to give a hand. Should Celtic have given tickets to the fans for the Linfield game, especially those who regularly travel to away games or those from Ireland?? That argument remains! But the GB too need to calm it down a bit and realise that for the betterment of us all ie. the players and the rest of us fans. We appreciate the good work they do, we appreciate the atmosphere fully and Celtic needs it. Just don’t let the fight with the Board spoil this team who are on the crest of a wave just now. Hail Hail and Viva La Quinta Brigada

    • I take it you are one of the GB.
      Where do you get the notion that Celtic NEED the GB.
      I am 75 years old and have supported Celtic since ever I can remember and can assure you we never have and never will NEED the GB in fact Celtic should not have bent over backwards to accommodate this political bunch of hooligans who will not toe the line (to the detrement of the real supporters).Their name says it all the green brigade,the word brigade means confrontational.
      It would seem that Celtic football club thinks more about the GB than their other 50,000 supporters.
      Just thinking maybe you are a sevconian with the attitude that Celtic NEED the GB.

  6. I believe that Celtic are the best football club bar none and I still follow every game and all of the happenings around our great club even though I’ve been away on the other side of the world for just on 60 years. I love the whole Celtic movement and still participate as much as I can, from a distance, in all of the wonderful happenings instigated by Celtic supporters. I wholeheartedly agree that football is and should always be our number one priority as a support of this great club and all of it’s people, so lets put our political feelings etc., where they belong and that is certainly not at football games. The green brigade surely love our club as much as any of us, but I really hope that they seperate their political actions away from that which we all support, the Celtic football club.

  7. It’s not just the rebel thing. I think one of the most disgusting displays of intolerance over my lifetime was witnessed recently with so-called Celtic supporters singing their vile song about Lee Rigby. That kind of pond life has to be seen to be having nothing in common with our club. It’s fuel to the flames for the right wing Nazis; they just love it when some brain dead nonces bring our great club into disrepute.
    I think the Club and supporters should offer to pay for a memorial to Lee where he fell.


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