The most satisfying thing about Celtic’s unbeaten domestic run is that the manager refuses to let up on his players and what he expects of them.

Brendan Rodgers took time after Celtic’s 5-2 victory over St Johnstone at the weekend to answer questions about the run Celtic have been on and to elaborate on his current situation with Leigh Griffiths, whose ability has never been called into question

“Leigh’s a very important part of what I’m looking to do, and will continue to be. He’s a brilliant striker but he has to be fit and available, and to be fit you have to look after every part of your life.” said Rodgers.

“He needs to develop that mentality. This is his life as a professional player. You can’t just settle for what you’ve got. Be the very best you can be. Nutrition in modern sport is very important.”

While Leigh has shined most of the time under Rodgers when given the opportunity, it’s refreshing to see the manager trying to improve the player further. The manager knows what Leigh is capable of but also knows that the striker needs to give more in order to get more.

“He’s clearly a talent. But if we’re going to be a Champions League club consistently then you need a Champions League mindset. Otherwise you’ll be playing somewhere else and that goes for anybody.”

While Leigh might not totally accept the criticism aimed at him he should surely look at the team and other players who have shined under the managers tutelage so far. He wants the very best for the club and wants his players to give him their all. I have no doubt Leigh can step up to the mark, his attitude since coming to Celtic has changed drastically and this is another chapter where the player can go above and beyond to make sure he’s a part of the managers plans.




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