BRENDAN RODGERS has congratulated his Celtic Park successor Neil Lennon after the club one their ninth title in a row. Rodgers won two of those titles on this run and would’ve been credited with three had he stuck around a little longer.

It was Neil who came in and steadied the ship when the former Celtic boss left his post to head to Leicester and Neil hasn’t looked back.

Speaking to the Celtic website – Brendan Rodgers congratulated the club on winning nine in a row and explained how much of a privilege it was to be part of this run.

“I’m absolutely delighted for Neil.

“He’s done absolutely first-class since he’s gone back in.

“He knew what he was coming in to but has still be able to add his own bit to it.

“Then, when the pressure was on this season after the Christmas period, the team have really put their foot to the floor, changed the structure of the team and you can just see the confidence they were playing with right up until the break.

“The consistency of the team has been absolutely brilliant and Neil Lennon has stayed calm and focused, even after the defeat to Rangers over the Christmas period.

“They went away and did the work in Dubai, came back and hit an incredible run of form and just continued with the consistency, so I’m delighted for Neil, the staff and, of course, the players.

“Celtic have been terrific, especially since the turn of the year.

“They’ve been the best team, consistently, and all the players, staff and people at the club have got their reward.”

Asked about his own part in the nine, Brendan said:

“It’s just a privilege.

“Of course, circumstances changed for me during my time there, but I was involved in some unforgettable experiences and memories at Celtic, and to be part of this experience now, I’m very proud and privileged to have done so.

“I look back to the time when I came in. Ronny had just left, there was a bit concern about Rangers coming back into the league, and they had beaten Celtic in the Scottish Cup.

“But I felt from the moment we came together as a club, we were then able to then really push forward and lift a standard of mentality and play that saw us go on and succeed, and hopefully that can continue.

“So to be a part of that process of the nine is obviously a huge honour for me, and I’m pretty sure that Neil will go on and finish the job that he started back then.

“It’s what Celtic is about – it’s about winning, but it’s also about winning in a certain style.

“The players have got real momentum now and they’re not going to let it go easy now.

“There’s a core group of players there who’ve been through it and they’re serial winners – guys like Scott and Callum and James.

“They have all been through it and now the real core of that are winners, they now what it takes, they deal with the pressure and let’s hope it can continue for many more years.”

The Leicester boss is sitting tight down south to see if his current club will be able to see out the remainder of the season. Celtic will now be looking to the next campaign and what they can do to make it ten in a row.

We’re still not sure what next season will look like with reconstruction on the table at the moment.

Brendan Rodgers brought the club up a level when he joined – there’s no doubt about it. Even supporters who still aren’t over the way he decided to leave can admit that.

Neil Lennon has taken the torch and ran with it. Celtic were much improved since their last season under Brendan. Things are a little more frantic at times but the results speak for themselves.


  1. Still think Brendan would still be there if Lawwell had bought McGinn. He goes to Aston Villa and all of a sudden he becomes a 40 million pound player. Think about it. Hail Hail.

  2. Conspicuous by it’s absence in his statement,was Rodgers expressing any delight for the fans…Neil,his players,staff and everyone at the club, no fans.
    Maybe i’m being too critical ?


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