Here is a round-up of some of today’s headlines.

  • Brendan Rodgers fires warning but refuses to play ‘Old Firm’ game in press conference. Several times the press pack tried to get the manager to enter into a war of words using the redundant ‘Old Firm’ tag but the Celtic manager was too clever.
  • Murty dials back the confidence after a week of bluster from everyone at Ibrox.
  • Glasgow Derby Double Next Month and five Celtic players who could have been Rangers players – including two current stars!

‘Be Careful What You Wish For’ – Rodgers Announces Double Ibrox Injury Boost

Murty Backtracks – Ibrox Boss Playing Down Tie

Double Duty – Celtic Heading for Back to Back Derby Games

Five Celtic Icons Who Almost Signed for Rangers




  1. No such Thing as The Old Firm.Anyone who mentions that word in a sentence relating to Celtic and Sevco are playing along to the Hun Myth.Celtic have Never Ever been Liquidated Unlike that Rancid Parasite Club over Govania Way….HfH and Mon The HooPs

  2. St Brendans the manager, he picks the team who plays, he picks the bench, he has a great record (at the teams he has coached) Of giving yourh.
    and the abilty to play unaided a chance..

    The same as all the great coaches of not just Celtic, but all the world’s
    Football squads.

    He realises the pitfalls of modern
    team management.

    One of them is the belief that what you can do on the training ground once.

    Never transfers to the field of play, before, during or after a hard game.


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