Brendan Rodgers has opened up about his conversations with majority shareholder Dermot Desmond regarding the future of the club. In the backdrop of a disappointing 2-0 defeat to Lazio in Rome, a result that has only intensified the frustrations of Celtic fans with the club’s performances in Europe, Rodgers sheds light on their shared vision for elevating Celtic’s status on the continental stage.

Celtic’s dominance in Scotland is undisputed, but the European arena has remained a challenging frontier. Fans have long expressed dissatisfaction, feeling the club’s ambitions are confined to national triumphs, with European campaigns being treated more as financial opportunities than genuine competitive endeavours. The defeat in Rome, witnessed firsthand by Desmond, brought these concerns to the fore once again.

Pope Francis Celtic

The events following the match were as symbolic as they were historic, with the team and club officials, including Desmond, meeting the Pope at the Vatican. It was during this time that Rodgers and Desmond had a crucial conversation about the future trajectory of the club.

Rodgers, acknowledging the presence of Desmond in Rome, revealed the alignment in their thinking. “Yeah. The club are clear on that and where we want to get to. In terms of our level but Dermot is keen for us to progress.” Rodgers stated to RecordSport, underlining the shared commitment to enhancing Celtic’s performance, not just domestically, but more importantly, in Europe.

Soccer Football – Champions League – Group E – Lazio v Celtic – Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy – November 28, 2023
Celtic’s Cameron Carter-Vickers in action with Lazio’s Mario Gila REUTERS/Alberto Lingria

For Celtic fans, Rodgers’ words offer a glimmer of hope. The shared vision between the coach and the majority shareholder could be the catalyst needed for Celtic to elevate their game on the European stage.

Celtic fans will remain sceptical until they start to see the club turn a corner.


  1. Why does St Dermot Desmond ,who loves Celtic so much not dip into his pocket and give St Brendan some money and stop us looking like Europe cannon fodder,I would rather stay out but who knows how our great benefactors ,ie dummies that buy tickets or mechadise ,im now 65 I know we won’t win CL but please weve got to something in Europe.

      • He doesn’t need to dip into his own pocket, we have 72m sitting in the bank. They are content being JUST above Sevco, champions league is money, no ambition at all to have us at least win the odd game in Europe. They have us a European embarrassment.

  2. Why didn’t the board back him 1st time he was manager,just more promises to appease the supporters,half this board needs to go first as they are totally lacking in ambition,win ,loose or draw they still get their pay and bonuses.


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