KRIS BOYD seems to be attaching his self worth to who is texting him nowaday’s after the hapless pundit had another dismal display in the SkySports studio.

Managers and players contact pundits all the time and may try to pick them up on something they have said – no real big deal. However, Kris Boyd has quickly ran to his typewriter this week to let us all know he got a text from Brendan Rodgers after the weekend’s Glasgow Derby.

Speaking in his SunSport column, the former Ibrox player chose to let everybody know the Leicester boss was unhappy with the way Boyd compared and contrasted his and Neil Lennon’s tactics.

“BRENDAN RODGERS sees himself as a beautiful human being.

“But going by the tetchy text message he sent me on Sunday night, he’s not half a prickly one.

“I’ll not reveal everything the bold Brendan messaged me because I don’t think that would be fair.

“But let’s just say he didn’t take too kindly to my critique on Celtic that pointed out how Neil Lennon’s team didn’t need to play tippy-tappy football to beat Rangers.”

We’re still not there yet with Brendan Rodgers after his February exit but even we think Boyd has crossed a line here.

The fact he wanted to put it out into a public forum and have a few pops at Brendan tells you the ilk of the guy’s character.

He was sitting in the Sky Sports studio on Sunday absolutely scunnered after he told everyone pre-match Celtic’s defence was in for a doing. Equate him to a Twitter hardman who would most likely make a mess off his cords if he had to speak to people face to face.

The one take away we have from this is Brendan is still actually watching Celtic games.


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