BRENDAN RODGERS took the opportunity at tonight’s post-match press conference to get a few things off his chest about Motherwell and their behaviour after their trilogy of matches.

The Irishman has tried to keep a lid on things after the most ridiculous of scrutiny all week that has questioned the integrity of his players.

Brendan spoke about how Motherwell acted after the Fir Park tie. They acted dignified outwardly while being severely unprofessional and disrespectful behind the scenes.

Rodgers spoke of the Motherwell Chief Executive running around with a laptop showing people the penalty decision against Callum McGregor – which was indeed a penalty!

Motherwell may have made a statement midweek but the real statement was made by Celtic this afternoon and that reads Celtic 5-1 Motherwell.


  1. Best answer is putting the ball in the net.
    Delighted that we rinsed Well down the drain.
    Lasley is a thug who made a career out of kicking us off the park. No doubt his influence now dominates the dressing room.

  2. It wouldn’t be so bad had they been doubtful calls. Both penalties were blatant in my opinion, with every single team in the league expecting a favourable call on each of them. Motherwell had every right to be angry though. Their tactics were disgraceful over three games and they begged the SFA for additional help! Let’s be honest, you know how dirty they were when the new club complained sbout them!

  3. Hope this result will put Mrs Lasley’s gas on a peep, lets hope a victory in our game against them in April helps to keep them out of the top 6 and we wont have to play them anymore this season, I’m fed up listening to all their whining. GIRUT Hail Hail


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