The plot thickens in the Dominic Solanke to Celtic story with the Celtic manager today speaking of his admiration for the player and how he signed him for Chelsea at the tender age of 8!

The Irishman was asked about the rumours of Dominic potentially coming to Celtic but he dodged the question, choosing to heap praise on the youngster.

“I took Dominic into Chelsea when he was eight years of age.

“When I was academy director at Reading I left to go to Chelsea back in 2004 and at that time Dominic was one of the first young players I took in.

“He worked at the development centres at Reading and when I moved to Chelsea we took him in.

“He’s a big talent and it’s unfortunate that he’s maybe not going to renew his contract at Chelsea because it’s a great club but he obviously deems that his future lies elsewhere. Apart from that, nothing else to add.”



  1. Fully agree with BR in the fact that you should not talk about signing any other teams players. He could ulijise about signing Messi but it ain’t gonna happen. Talk is cheap class is permanent.


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