BRENDAN RODGERS has welcomed his new Glasgow rival Steven Gerrard to Scottish football with the Liverpool legends imminent move to Ibrox.

Gerrard has the unenviable task of stopping the Celtic and Rodgers juggernaut steaming towards ten in a row but the Celtic manager believes it’s a good appointment for Scottish football.

Brendan Rodgers spoke today at his Celtic press conference where he and his side are looking to wrap up league proceedings in their last three games after polverasing Gerrards new club at the weekend.


  1. Celtic need to back Rodgers for the European campaign and the League will take care of itself. Celtic have the money and will now be ‘forced’ to use it to strengthen from a strong position. Presumably transfer targets have been identified and moves need to be made to make the team stronger. But will the board at Celtic do this? They will get a ‘dead cat bounce’ from this and will be 10-12 points better off next season just by appointing him. Celtic cannot have another league season like this one, all of those insipid home draws must be turned into wins. I presume big Pete and Brendan know this. Gerrard has been promised money and will get some and this, paradoxically, should worry new Rangers supporters because this could result in administration or worse. Walter Myth sank them when he returned and spent 36 million quid. He pushed them over the edge. Gerrard could do the same. Personally I think the Serious Fraud Office will pay close attention to matters at Ibrox as they have absolutely nothing and are toxic. A reasonable question , never asked by their thick supporters, is ‘where is the money coming from’?

  2. Sevco the Gift that keeps Giving.This Club has just played its last hand,A four yr deal.It has All the Hallmarks of a Disaster in the process of Happening.The cats oot the bag,This Club deserves Nothing but Pain Pain Pain with a Severe Dash of Misery.The minute he signed that Contract,10 In A Row was and Is a Done Deal.HH..


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