MOUSSA DEMBELE has continued his passive-aggressive Twitter nonsense over into this morning with the player now ‘liking’ a post from Get French Football News that suggest Brendan Rodgers tried to convince Dembele to move to Brighton in January because they were a ‘better club’ than Celtic.

Moussa has been on a mission to push through a move to Lyon since yesterday evening when he was told he wouldn’t be going anywhere due to Celtic not having a replacement.

Instead of taking that on board he decided to take his gripe to social media where he has been acting the idiot for the past 12 hours.

The tweet below, liked by the striker is just the tip of the iceberg.

Any goodwill Dembele had with the fans is quickly running out.

He spoke of playing for the crest and loving the club, absolute nonsense, just like the French Football news tweet.

Celtic have a big game on Sunday and the player has chosen to take this action to either push a move through or ensure he doesn’t play any part in that match if he’s still here.

Someone needs to take the phone out of his hand.


  1. It looks like we have another Badge kisser who’s Career was going nowhere until he came to Celtic Park. Until then he was going to become a household name at Fulham and would have been playing European football ⚽ every Season.
    The sooner he is gone the better just like Boyata.
    His kind of shite talk we don’t need. HH

    • If his agent controls his Twitter account does that mean he is not mentally capable of controlling his own account??
      What is he… A Child who needs help with his thoughts 💭 and how he expresses them…
      He was going nowhere before BR and Celtic took him from a Club that has more chance of winning the Lotto than winning any Trophy 🏆 never mind play in Europe

  2. I read somewhere else that it was his agent who was in charge of his Twitter and he was in charge of his instagram account … don’t know how true that is ? Do know that I haven’t seen any of this on instagram???

  3. Absolute nonesense,Dembele would not have stayed at Fulham Celltic got him for £400,00 ffs he could have joined a hat-full of clubs from England & Europe,Brendan already stated when he joined he came to Celtic to develop,and would eventually move on,something he repeated yesterday,the club knew would happen eventually,Brendan also said Dembele had been first class in attitude,professionism and as a man.Dembele had obviously promised a move by Celtic if a suitable one to himself and one financialy suitable to Celtic.Brendan has said over lat 36 hours or so that Moussa was virtually on the plane to France,Celtic’s latest excuse that we have no time to find a replacement stinks to the high heavens,why were we even speaking to Lyon?why,because we were willing to sell,it’s not Dembele’s fault or in fact his concern if a replacement has not been identified.Nah,Celtic were banking on a bidding war which hasn’t materialised,and they will be waiting for the next window,This is once again down to the greed iof the money men within the club.The support will see this for what it is,the ineptitude and downright greed of our
    current board of directors,a board that needs replenished. HAIL HAIL

  4. Bullshit. He was kissing the Celtic Crest during the Summer. What has changed??
    How do we know what he was promised??Its easy to say that but why did he not get it in writing signed and sealed just like every other part of his Contract.
    The Club also has Rights… It is entitled to have the Contract in full not just the pieces that suited Dembele. HH


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