Celtic fans can be very crafty when it comes to supporting their team.

We witnessed it in Seville against Real Betis when some supporters managed to get into the stadium despite the away fan ban.

Tonight, the Hoops support is at it again!

In what we don’t expect to be the last tweet we see like this, Andy Bhoy has taken a picture from inside the stadium in Hungary!

Celtic fans are their in numbers and gave the team a major send off from their hotel. As we go further into this evening, we’ll get more fun stories of fans managing to get tickets.

Hopefully we don’t need to do this for much longer and fans will be allowed back in away stadiums on a more regular basis the further down the line we get.

Until then, Celtic will have to do it without a strong away support in a section of the stadium.


  1. Great to hear the Hungarian people showing their distaste at the “take the knee” #woke bullsh1t Celtic seem to be intent on carrying out on a weekly basis.


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