CELTIC have given the Celtic Way a makeover ahead of the Glasgow Derby tie this weekend and also to promote their yearly season ticket renewal push with letters hitting the doormats of Celtic fans all over the country.

The bhoys are closing in on an eighth consecutive league title with Neil Lennon back at the helm after Brendan Rodgers’ hasty exit from the club back in February.

The new promotional material focuses on ‘unleashing the power of Celtic’ with Scott Brown and Kieran Tierney showcases on the front of Celtic Park.

However, it’s not the banners which have caught our eye but the nice touch all the way up the Celtic Way.

The banner that starts as you head up to the stadium read. Making Scottish Football History since 1888. A very pertinent statement with Celtic’s unbroken history and their unprecedented success in recent years.

The perks of not ever being liquidated.

Celtic fans will get to see the new banners in person when they head to the game for the early afternoon kick off against The Rangers.



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