SCOTT BROWN has responded to being challenged by WWE wrestler Drew McIntyre by telling him to bring Talksport Rent-a-gob Adrian Durham with him for a fight.

McIntrye names Brown is the footballer he’d like to get into the ring with and the Celtic captain seemed game.

It got a little more bizarre when Celtic shirt sponsors Dafabet got involved in the exchange.

Drew McIntrye is a Scottish wrestler plying his trade in America and he’s also a big Gers fan. He admitted Broony gets under his skin when he watches the football and that’s why chose the double treble winner when asked the question.

Scott Brown does live rent free in most of their heads to be fair – just ask Andy Halliday.

The Celtic captain might not be wrestling anytime soon but he has a date at Hampden next Sunday with a potential treble treble to be won.


  1. ok broonie and connor mc g against two clowns, any odds on this fight would love to make some money on this !!


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