A Gers fans has voiced his displeasure at the lack of cleaning services at Ibrox after he revealed that over five weeks since Celtic took over the Broomland stand, nothing has been done about the stickers that were put down by the away support.

Taking to twitter the Ibrox fan showed the images of Celtic logos and Ultra stickers all across the advertising boards that the club has simply done nothing about.

We know money is tight but to let their fans sit there with Celtic logos hanging above their head is pretty bad.

Celtic take over the Broomland road end twice a season and this year has been an absolute party for the fans who were not shy in marking their territory.



  1. A dirty manky ground.
    The huns are that skint that they can’t afford to have a cleaner give it the once over after a game. Let the rain do it.
    What a shame but its what we expect from these scumbags.
    Roll up Roll up buy your season ticket for the dirtiest ground in Scotland
    And watch the demise of the worst club in Scotland
    Hail Hail

  2. Expect a dirty protest as they’ll reciprocate by sh1tting in their pants this coming Sunday when they visit Celtic Park.

  3. Sevco Newco,Billy effin Bongo…The Filthiest Stadium in Scotland.Atleast those Celtic Stickers Add a bit of Colour to that ghastly dull place.They beat Hearts and now they are feeling confident enough to beat Us???Sunday cant come soon enough.Mon The HooPs smash these Rancid Cretins and send them back to Govania,Well n Truly,Humiliated.HH

  4. They will come to Paradise, and wreck the bogs and shite in the sinks like they were taught at Sunday school. As Hoop’s fans are the infidel Christians. They will pray to Ghod, that they can turn Celtic over. Whilst they sing their hymns about Queen billie and co.


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