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Spare a thought today for Brother Pedro who has lost his job of managing the best team in the country.

Which prompted Chris Sutton to declare

The final straw came in last nights draw to Kilmarnock where ugly scenes broke out at the end of the game when dignified Rangers* fans tried to get to Pedro in the director’s box. Stewards had to fend off the angry mob as the directors looked on.

That’s Brendan Rodgers seen off two of these guys, who wants to go up against him. You are almost certain it won’t be someone with their wits about them.

The dog barks but the circus continues.



  1. In a delicious twist of irony it’s just possible that the pay off for Brother Pedro might be paid courtesy of Celtic and their chamions league donation to the fledgling club

  2. Goodbye Pedro.
    For what it is worth, whatever they are paying you, it wasn’t enough. You gave us lots of fun.
    However, they may not pay you. They’ve shafted plenty others just like the dead club before them.
    They are TOXIC and dangerous (but not in a football sense, more in a societal sense).


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