SCOTT BROWN has admitted he believes the Ibrox club made a mistake by cutting Celtic’s allocation to just 900 fans for Derby day making Celtic take the decision to reciprocate.

The Ibrox club unceremoniously cut Celtic’s allocation after too many jubilant green and white scenes at their stadium over the past few years especially and took the decision which seems to be universally accepted that it’s to the detriment of the atmosphere.

Asked if there was any difference home or away the Celtic captain was honest in his reply.

“It is what it is, I think it’s better when both sets of supporters have 6,000 fans in the ground it makes for a better atmosphere,” he told CelticTV.

The Ibrox club will bring a small contingent to the game on Sunday and will be inconvenienced with their early meetup time by the Police.

We wrote this morning that the Ibrox fans tried to get a decision overturned which would see them have to be inside the ground before 11 am if they want to be in for kick off.

This was booted out and as they continue to attack Celtic over these measures, they should take not it was their club who put all this into motion.


  1. They made their own bed. Now they have to lie in it. Or in their case. Smash the toilets to bits. After they have sex first. The poor Christian paupers.


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