Christmas is a rest period for most working people, although it is anything but for the Celtic team.

Families on Christmas Day enjoy relaxing and stuffing themselves with food. However, The Bhoys will be unable to do that due to their heavy training schedule.

They have already played seven fixtures this month, and are faced with another two against Dundee on Boxing Day, and Rangers on Saturday 30th December.

The Hoops will train at Celtic Park tomorrow night ahead of the trip to Dens Park, and Scott Brown spoke to the Celtic View about the matter.

He said:

“Everyone loves Christmas and New Year as a time to go out and enjoy themselves but for us it’s getting harder and harder as we have so many games to focus on.

“We have nine in December and we always have to make sure we are on it. You are in training and everything is to 100 per cent, the way the gaffer wants it.

“On Christmas Day, you get family coming down, you get the Christmas tunes on and have dinner then you chill and look forward to your desert afterwards – but I won’t be getting that this year! It’s hardest leaving the kids more than anything as on Christmas Day as they are so excited and are bouncing off the roof.

“You know how much energy I have so you can imagine how much energy they have on Christmas Day! They will be playing with toys and opening things up and I’ll be going from that and jumping into the car to drive to training, before going up to Dundee for the game.

“It’s hard to leave them on Christmas Day but you have to do it. It’s my job and it’s something I enjoy and something I’m lucky to do. And I do it for my family which is the main thing.”

The Captain sees the positive side of not spending the whole of Christmas Day with his family, and that professional attitude shines through the Celtic squad.

When the Boxing Day match gets underway, the players’ full concentration will be on getting three points closer to securing a seventh league title in a row.


  1. This is What it means to be Celtic,Facing Another Wee Hun in McCann after McInnes then Next Weekend the most Toxic Rancid Club in Scittish Football History will Slither into Paradise to face The Biggest The Best The Mighty Glasgow Celtic….One loss out of 71 games is a remarkable Thing in itself.No other team will Ever Never Ever do this…Merry Xmas to Every One of the Celtic Family,Worldwide HH

  2. Bring on the sevco big Sutton will be proven right al be totally shocked if we can’t take at least 4 off they zombie minks HH


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