HUGH DALLAS made a surprise appearance on our screens last night as BT wheeled him out to talk about VAR for the Manchester United vs PSG game.

Many Celtic fans could not believe their eyes when they saw the former Scottish whistler being interviewed by the TV broadcaster.

Dallas ‘walked away’ from his job as head of referee development at the SFA back in 2010 after an email he sent out to other SFA staff members contained an anti-Catholic sentiment. At the time, Scottish Catholic media officer Peter Kearney branded Dallas’ actions as “The tip of the iceberg in Scotland” and an example of “deep, wide and vicious anti-Catholic hostility”

Celtic fans had thought they’d seen the back of him until last night and it’s disappointing to see the former referee get any air time considering his list of shockers.

Hugh’s son, Andrew Dallas is now a top flight referee in Scotland where he is under intense criticism for his inept performances with many people wondering why this guy was given an expedited trip to the top of Scottish football.



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