DARRELL CURRIE has questioned the SPFL’s integrity after the clubs passed the vote for the introduction of VAR on Wednesday morning. The fact that VAR is being brought into Scotland doesn’t concern the BT Sport host; it’s the timing.

VAR will be brought in after the World Cup. In a typical year, that would be suitable. However, this year’s World Cup in Qatar will be held between November and December,  meaning the equipment will be brought into operation in the middle of the season.

Half of the season will be filled with referee errors and marginally offside goals, with the other half expected to run near perfect.

VAR won’t be ready in time for when the league starts in July, so the SPFL should hold off until the following season, but they are adamant about bringing the technology into play as soon as possible, even if it’s halfway through the season.

The VAR will be run by the referees currently in Scotland. They have already shown a lack of knowledge of the laws of the games this season; giving them VAR won’t fix this.



  1. The looney, orange, far rightwing refs, will make sure their ‘club’ is not brought into disrepute by any decisions they make on-field. Any complaints will (not) be listened to. They will pooh pooh any on-field complaints. As they mostly talk shi7e anyway.

    Money for old ropey decisions anybody.

  2. As expected, No change with VAR, along with other decisions, eg, Motherwell v Sevco brought forward, Clancy for Ross County, Madden last weekend. Of course they have missed something in all their triumphalism. Over 90 minutes, which league games are played, it would have been Madden v Celtic, a point each. League would go unchanged if that happens at Parkhead so Madden or his brother, will have to up their game !!!


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