CHRIS SUTTON has angered a lot of English football fans after he laughed off suggestions that Tom Rogic would downgrade to Southampton if they end up in the Championship.

Sutton took to social media to address the ‘reports’ that the St Mary’s club were looking at signing one of Celtic’s top talents.

The response underneath to this is priceless with many English football fans chiming in.

The ugly side of the English fans who support cash rich teams who win nothing but sold on the idea paying £20 million for a bang average player is something worth bragging about.

Our league is called the SPFL by the way.


  1. This is the usual English arrogance in common with heir unionist brethren.
    There is no such thing as English football, simply football played in England.

  2. Going by their Twitter handles, it would appear that people born in 1989 are, on the whole, a bunch of wee fa**ies.

  3. U having a laugh Southampton there shite as is most of English football premiership is so boring. For money they spend celtic can compete no problem. Usual English thinking there better than they are. Joke league with only 3 teams that can win league

  4. Typical Engurleish Fudology….Exactly like there Unionist Brethren over in Govania,DelooDeid….Mon The HooPs.Doing It The Bhoys Way Since 1888.Reality is Celtic Are and Always Have Been,Same Club Unlike Some Tax Dodging Dead as dead can be Small Clubs who liquidated chasing the Lisbon Legacy..HfH

  5. I would love to get in that league and shut they English twats up there more delusional than the huns (maybe that’s a bit too far)

    • Nope you are on the ball there Bhoy. Man U were the 2nd team to win the European Cup after Celtic.
      Why else are they keeping the Celtic out of their EPLif they think we are that bad.. Methinks that they know that it would not be long before they would be looking up at Celtic and walking in our footsteps.
      Funny that they want our players and Manager for their clubs. 🖕🖕

    • I cannot understand why they keep referring to the “Old Firm”. One side of that went Burst in 2012.The present Rat Pack is called Rangers and they have NOT. BEEN in the EPL very long.
      So Please stop talking about the Old Firm Games there is NO OLD FIRM ANYMORE and Never will be again. HH

  6. Half these english/french/scandanavin
    Nuckle dragging delouded inbreads haven’t a fkn clue typical English cunts can’t wait for the world cup 2 c then getting leather both on and off the park HH

  7. Here’s the point most dickheads from down south don’t get, Celtic would, in their rich sodden league with the money on offer, would attract better players than most of the teams in that league, with the way our club is run, the sheer size of our club, our history, sixty thousand supporters in Paradise every second week, our away support is also massive.
    Celtic would be a regular top six contender without a doubt, and regularly feared in the Champions League group stages, HH.

  8. The ignorance of some so called fans from England is really quite sad. They really show how little they are able to think for themselves. They repeat what they heard their bitter daddy’s say when we were wiping the floor with them at Wembley in front of their own. The reality is that not only is the championship a major step down for any current Celtic player, any team outside of Manchesters two, and possibly Liverpool today, are a step down, not only for Celtic players, but Aberdeen, Hibs and even Sevco players. The English Premier League has three teams, as for the rest? They wouldn’t win the Scottish League Cup!

  9. I love it when Engerlund so called supporters are welcomed everywhere they go to Europe.. By Riot Police.. It shows just how much they are wanted!!!. HH

  10. Poor deluded ‘master race’ English fans.
    Celtic were first ‘British’ team to win the real European Cup. Man Utd were the first ‘English’ team to win it….get it???
    In 1969/70 European Cup semi final v their GREAT Leeds Utd all the arrogant English media said Leeds were UNSTOPPABLE. One minute played Celtic scored. Big George Connelly scored a great second that was unfairly disallowed.
    0-1 to wee Celtic.
    On to Glasgow for 2nd leg. Played at Hampden with 136,500 attending.
    Brenner scored. 0-1 ht. Just into 2nd half big Yogi equalised and five minutes later Bobby Murdoch got the winner.
    So we won both games Home and Away.
    In other games v English teams like Liverpool, home and away wins….who can forget big John Harrison’s 25 yard howler at Anfield?….. Blackburn under Sourness…. home and away wins…..
    Any of our ‘southern betters reading this need to take a reality check.
    Any English Premier club relegated will collect £90 odd million.
    Just imagine what Celtic could do with that. Hail the Bhoys.

  11. The championship is such a good league that all you see is fans bawling their eyes out at the end of the season when their club gets relegated to it you shower of fuckwits


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