If you’re a Celtic fan on social media you will have no doubt caught this eejit spouting something nonsensical at some point.

Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton regularly get into it on BT Sport over a variety of issues but their tit for tat stuff over Celtic and the Ibrox club can be quite entertaining.

Savage regularly champions the Ibrox side with Chris Sutton sticking the boot in whenever he can (which is a lot of the time).

BUT Savage admitted he used to be a supporter of Celtic back in the Martin O’Neill days when the Irishman was the Celtic manager. Savage played for O’Neill during his career and obviously followed his progress in Scotland.

Savage admits there are two key reasons why he now backs The Rangers over Celtic; he likes to wind up Chris Sutton and he’s pals with Steven Gerrard.

“My beloved Rangers…obviously I have a bit of banter with Chris.” Savage told OpenGoal.

“I just go against Chris Sutton. Listen, I don’t support either Celtic or Rangers

“I was a big fan of Celtic with Martin O’Neill, my ex-boss, John Hartson, my old room-mate, Neil Lennon.

“I used to like Celtic but then as soon as Chris started banging on about Celtic..

“I’m a friend of Steven Gerrard’s so now I’ve gone on the Rangers side of the fence and I just love hammering Chris when Rangers get a result and Celtic don’t.”

Again, there are very few times when that is the case. Sutton regularly shoots Savage down.


  1. The reason Robbie Savage is so salty over Celtic is because he knows at his best he could not get into the Celtic team that’s why they never signed him. Is Robbie Savage better than Paul Lambert the answer is no.. is Robbie Savage better than Lubo Moravcik the answer is no.. is Robbie Savage better than Stiliyan Petrov the answer is no. Is Robbie Savage better than Neil Lennon the answer is no.. that’s why he never signed for Celtic because he wasn’t good enough and he’s salty get over it.


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