CHRIS SUTTON has been relentless today when it comes to the over celebrating coming from Ibrox.

The Rangers beat Celtic comfortably on the day and deserved their win thoroughly but the reaction to the win by some of the players is getting cringey!

The comments about Glasgow being blue is the biggest laugh of them all and Sutton did not waste time in pointing out who the Champions were when James Tavernier posted something which would make you think the Ibrox club had just clinched the title.

Sutton is always at the wind up but when you get Grade A material like this then I suppose you have to run with it.

The BT pundit gave Steven Gerrard’s men their dues on the day for beating Celtic but reigned them in quickly telling by reminding them there’s no trophies in their cabinet…AGAIN.


  1. With nothing to play for, didn’t Dundee beat Livingstone away from home in the league.

    And how did Dundee celebrate
    Yes, they sacked their managment.

    Slippy, I hope your were looking over Joe Kings shoulder as you fuc&ed him yesterday.


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