BT and BBC pundit Michael Stewart has branded Hearts fan and golf correspondent Ewan Murray ‘extremely sad’ after he tried to talk down the Scottish game and not for the first time.

Murray, who tries his best to upset people with his ignorant approach to all things football tries his best to discredit Jack Ross and his Sunderland opportunity, citing the league he just got St Mirren promoted from is terrible.

Stewart, who continues to talk up the Scottish game at every opportunity took major exception to the comments.

St Mirren surprised many who had not tipped them to get anywhere near promotion at the start of the season to becoming runaway winners.


  1. Ewan Murray,I mean ffs even that name is Typical for an adopted step brother of Billy.Jambo and Sevconian seem to have nothing of much relevance to say regarding Football in general.How a jambo can belittle the game up here,Ewan Murray should look at his own Club,There manager is an Utter Sausage..HfH Ewan (Wilma)Murray….


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