CHRIS SUTTON is not one to hold back on his opinion and he made sure he didn’t miss with his criticism of Rennes goalkeeper Mendy who conned the referee into sending Bayo off late in the game.

The former Celtic striker called it like he saw it and Bayo was no where near hurting Mendy at any point. The frontman was perfectly entitled to challenge for the spilled ball and the keeper knows what he was doing.

It became even more bizarre as the referee clearly waved play on, wasn’t having it and then changed his mind due to fan reaction, player reaction and the goalkeeper refusing to get up.

Unsurprisingly after Bayo was sent off the goalkeeper made a full recovery.

Celtic have very little recourse when it comes to challenging the decision and the referee losing the plot on the night.

Bayo will feel very hard done by and now misses the Cluj game.